Hello, my name is Tab Tabscott (these are are my two boys, Thaylo and Numi). I drive around in a blue Ford, and you've probably seen me or my work  on Vashon or Maury, because those are (almost) the only places I work.  If you live on or have visited our islands, then you 've probably seen my work in places like The Hardware Store Restaurant, Thriftway Plaza, or the Vashon Parks and Recreation District's Ober Park building.  I use green building practices and materials whenever possible, and have built a reputation for being amenable to all aspects of recycling, reuse, and refurbishment unique to Vashon.

I have built a solid business on giving customers what they want: quality work done on time and for a good price. I am licensed, bonded, and insured, and I stand by my work and back my clients to the hilt. That's how you stay in business on a small island. (That's also how I avoid riding ferry boats. :-) )

Listen, when you look like this (on Halloween), you have to be really good!

Thanks for looking!

Tab Tabscott



Here are a few shots of my work...

Ironwood deck with stone.

Same pool from above...

Here's a recently completed Trex deck on Maury Island...

A greenhouse in Ellisport...

This is Ironwood with Cable Rail (tm) railings...

Lindal Cedar Home


100 foot jetty with floating dock, Quartermaster.

Ironwood deck and path, Quartermaster.

Curly-Q cedar railings and deck, West Seattle.